Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pro-Life Victoria?

Pro-Life Victoria is a network of ordinary, everyday people who care deeply about people of all stages of life.

Pro-Life Victoria’s mission is to educate, promote respect for all human life, and lobby our legislators to pass laws to protect life at all its stages.

Our aim is to raise up a pro-life generation, a community of people whose attitude is life affirming and whose laws are life protecting. Pro-Life Victoria cooperates with and supports various interstate and international pro-life organizations.

What are the abortion laws in Victoria, Australia?

In October 2008, the Victorian Parliament passed what is the arguably the most radical pro-abortion legislation in the world – the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act 2008. This Act removed any rights for unborn children right up to birth. We see this as the worst piece of legislation in Australia’s history and we have a video, ‘A Story About Life’ that explains why.

The ALP, Liberal and National Parties allowed their members a conscience vote but doctors who have a conscientious objection are now no longer permitted to simply refuse to be part of referral for abortion.

How do I get involved?

If you are passionate about supporting pro-life issues you are more than welcome to join us. Or if you simply have a question feel free to contact us to find out more.

Is Pro-Life Victoria solely for Victorians?

While we are primarily based in Victoria, Australia, we are concerned about pro-life issues all across Australia and throughout the world. You will find many of our resources relevant to wherever you are based.